Stephanie has worked and supported executives and their teams for over 30 years. Her early expertise is based on 17 years as a senior consultant with major consulting organizations such as Wilson Learning and Mohr Development (now Blessing White), where she built her reputation training and consulting in a wide range of Fortune 500 companies. She also built her own successful company providing mediation and collaborative conflict resolution services.

Professional Highlights

Over the years, Stephanie has become extremely focused on senior team alignment and political intelligence for executives and has done facilitation to bring clarity and focus to teams, their plans, and what it takes to bring them to fruition. Her experience includes:

  • At Stephanie Reynolds Consulting, she was instrumental in supporting, designing, and coaching in the following programs:
    • Amazon – Leaders of Leaders Program
    • Philips – Navigator, Orion HiPo Programs
    • T-Mobile – Strengthening Teamwork and Change Management Leadership Programs
    • Genie Industries – Developing Exceptional Leaders Program
    • Microsoft – Partner Bench, Grow People Programs
  • Certified Mediator, and trained by William Ury at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard University.
  • Training in more than 40 skills-based programs which included content in sales, customer service, supervision, and mid-senior leadership development during her more than 13 years working for Wilson Learning Corporation.
  • Forming The Reynolds Company in 1995, providing mediation and collaborative conflict resolution services and training. Clients have included Amgen, ATL Ultrasound (Now Philips Medical), Flow International, Genie Industries and eBay.
  • Was an early advocate of the use of interactive video based training with her clients for assessing performance as well as for assessing abilities in potential hires.
  • Authoring Collaborative Conflict Resolution, a training and development program delivered hundreds of times to corporate, not-for- profit and public audiences.

Stephanie’s Own Journey

“My own journey as a leader of my own firm for 18 years has been an interesting and challenging one. My business has evolved and changed multiple times as a reflection of my own leadership abilities and inabilities. I’ve had to hire, fire, reduce scope, ramp up quickly, respond to clients from high tech to mental health and everything in-between. Every tendency I’ve seen in my clients, I can totally relate to and see in myself. My clients have been great teachers for me, as I have been given the opportunity to be their advisor and teacher.  Business is a litmus test of strength and abilities…it’s a great place to be!

I believe that there is no harder job than leadership. I have great regard for the skill and personal courage that it takes to actually lead in complex environments. The great executives I’ve worked with are always working on themselves and their organizations, to raise the personal bar of what excellence actually means. It is a never-ending, but fascinating quest.

I was frustrated by run-of-the-mill leadership training and coaching that lacked real breakthrough, and Journey really takes leaders to task, to understand how they can overcome old habits and behaviors that keep stopping them from reaching their highest goals. Julie and I really wanted to create something that explains the nuances and traps of what it really means to be a high functioning executive, and the courage it takes to keep ‘going back in there’ day in and day out.  I think we’ve accomplished that.  This program is challenging, and enlightening.”