Welcome to your official Members Only Section for your journey through and beyond The Journey of Not Knowing program. Through this entry point, you will find your program materials, additional items of interest and, most importantly, your fellow members.

The Power of Peers

As you know, Journey is a peer based developmental program. Both research and our own experience of many years support the finding that the connection with peers is a top critical driver of professional growth and performance. This Members Only section will provide you with a connection point to your fellow Journey group members.

What is in there?

Beyond providing a platform from which to reach out to fellow members, your Members Only section will deliver:

  • Journey program materials
  • Additional articles
  • Exercises
  • Recommendations for reading
  • Advice and insights on leadership challenges
  • Webcasts of Journey sessions [to come]

The Journey Continues

We heard you. After receiving many requests to carry the connection of Journey members beyond the program itself, this Members Only community will continue after you finish the program. We encourage you to acquire the habit of using it to reach out to fellow members to ask questions, share experiences and best practices or give just plain practical advice that gets you through your executive day.