The Uncomfortable Attributes of Leading

So often I hear from executive clients that they want their direct reports to step up in the way they can depend on. It’s amazing how many times senior leaders say their “directs just don’t get it”. What they need: Someone they can send to a critical meeting. Someone that thinks beyond current deliverables and is trying to find ways to improve … Continued

What Makes Strategic Initiatives Fail?

Your job as a leader is to make things better, think beyond the status quo, and move people towards that new reality.  That means you need your innovative strategic initiatives to succeed. Often critically needed initiatives fail for the same avoidable reasons. Here’s an example: Jim knows that his company needs to adopt a new customer centric program in order to be … Continued

Why So Many Great Ideas Get Lost

Jason has many breakthrough ideas for streamlining processes within his company, but often doesn’t share them. He prefers to think things through thoroughly before he speaks. When challenged, he needs time to prepare his responses. It’s not because he isn’t bright. Quite the contrary, he is actually brilliant, and may be the most talented person for process implementation in his entire multi-national organization. He grew up in a family … Continued

6 Ways to Lead Successful Execution of Fresh Ideas

You have heard them all, and then some:  There are no bad ideas.  The road to success is paved with failures.  To win we have to innovate.  Let’s think outside of the box…  The list goes on.  At the crux of said list lies the idea that to succeed in the 21st Century you have to keep trying new things to please … Continued