6 Ways to Lead Successful Execution of Fresh Ideas

You have heard them all, and then some:  There are no bad ideas.  The road to success is paved with failures.  To win we have to innovate.  Let’s think outside of the box…  The list goes on.  At the crux of said list lies the idea that to succeed in the 21st Century you have to keep trying new things to please … Continued

Not Mapping the Political Landscape can be a Colossal Mistake

A common scenario: You have been assigned a major project by your Vice President. It will potentially change the way your company does business and will impact many departments. You are jazzed because it will be great for the company, and you’ve been advocating this type of change for some time. It will be a complex, high profile change effort that could … Continued

How to be more like Teflon® when it’s really not your fault.

Here’s a typical scenario: Your team is working nights under a killer deadline, with scarce resources, but still kicking butt and you deliver complex results on time. Then you send your work downstream to the next part of the organization. They are late (again), the work product is not up to standard, and the company misses a key deadline. You know what … Continued