Versatility: Without it, We Won’t Present Our Ideas Successfully

The fear of presenting is universally recognized as one of the greatest fears people have. The fear of presenting to senior leadership can inspire sleepless nights and much anxiety with perfectionistic doing and re-doing of the slides to prepare.  An interesting fact though is most presenters don’t spend the critical time learning about and preparing for the interests and styles of those … Continued

The Uncomfortable Attributes of Leading

So often I hear from executive clients that they want their direct reports to step up in the way they can depend on. It’s amazing how many times senior leaders say their “directs just don’t get it”. What they need: Someone they can send to a critical meeting. Someone that thinks beyond current deliverables and is trying to find ways to improve … Continued

How are Mindfulness and Executive Presence Related?

It is near impossible to be in the modern world and not to have seen the barrage of articles, books, blogs, conferences and weekend retreats devoted to the topic of mindfulness. In the warp speed, hyper-connected world in which we live, focusing on anything, anything, even the food in front of us, seems to be a challenge. The multiple channels of information that … Continued

Well, Why NOT You?

In the aftermath of the Seahawks win of the 2014 Super Bowl, it seems appropriate to quote Russell Wilson, its star quarterback. When asked what motivated him to push for the major win, he replied, “I have to quote my dad here who said, ‘why not you?” In short, somebody has to do it, so why shouldn’t that be you? It made … Continued

How to be more like Teflon® when it’s really not your fault.

Here’s a typical scenario: Your team is working nights under a killer deadline, with scarce resources, but still kicking butt and you deliver complex results on time. Then you send your work downstream to the next part of the organization. They are late (again), the work product is not up to standard, and the company misses a key deadline. You know what … Continued