If You Want Your Leaders to Step Up, Get Off the Step

A familiar lament heard among senior executives these days is “I can’t get my potential leaders to step up and champion new strategies to attract new customers and beat the competition.” Whether the comment comes from seasoned veterans or newer leaders building new organizations, all of them appreciate the greatly accelerated competitiveness of the global economy. To deal with it, these executives … Continued

Invest in Developing Your High Potential Talent

Before your high potential talent invests elsewhere. You may be familiar, or even said some of these typical comments we hear from senior executives:  “She’s terrific on projects and magical with clients. In the meantime, her staff is hollering that they have no idea on what they are supposed to focus at any given time.” “Why are so many people leaving that … Continued

Well, Why NOT You?

In the aftermath of the Seahawks win of the 2014 Super Bowl, it seems appropriate to quote Russell Wilson, its star quarterback. When asked what motivated him to push for the major win, he replied, “I have to quote my dad here who said, ‘why not you?” In short, somebody has to do it, so why shouldn’t that be you? It made … Continued

Humor As a Business Tool in Unknown Situations

Humor is an underestimated tool in moving business conversations forward. One of the reasons is that making a witty observation involves risking that the audience might be offended, unimpressed or simply not amused. You do not know how it will go until you put your comment into the airspace. However, it is only by putting it out there that you get the … Continued

Resolving those New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year dawns and we all rush towards renewal—new attitude, new health habits, new approach to life…whew! Now let’s get real and talk about building a plan that will last beyond January 14th. About 40% of Americans will make New Year’s resolutions. About 8% of them will keep them. The difference, according to Harvard School of Education professors Robert Kegan and … Continued