The Psychology of Letting Go, and Admitting Others into the Decision-Making Tent

A little-known fact:  the higher you move up in an organization, the more you must let go and share power to be successful. Leaders typically get to a position of power based on their expertise and/or ability to control and drive others towards specific outcomes, without leaving too many broken and bleeding by the wayside. Ultimately though, those abilities will hamper leaders … Continued

The Uncomfortable Attributes of Leading

So often I hear from executive clients that they want their direct reports to step up in the way they can depend on. It’s amazing how many times senior leaders say their “directs just don’t get it”. What they need: Someone they can send to a critical meeting. Someone that thinks beyond current deliverables and is trying to find ways to improve … Continued

The Power of Empathy: What We Don’t Know Won’t Help Us

“I know I have to work for him,” complains a young executive. “He runs our company but he seems so judgmental. Whenever we talk he just looks at me levelly as if waiting for me just to go away. That’s a problem when I need him to approve the restructuring of our group.” “What do you think is going on for him?” … Continued

Leadership and the Unknown: Looking Under the Hood

Success for a leader requires embracing the unknown. Only by seeking out new ideas can leaders reach new strategic directions for their organizations. That is, after all, the job description of a leader. By their very nature, new ideas are untested. You will not know how they will turn out until you have tried them. In short, the future of your ideas … Continued

5 Characteristics of Those That “Have a Seat at the Table”

How often are strategic decisions affecting your business being made without you? Why are some in the “inner circle” and some are not, who may be at the same or even a lower level than you? An example: Jan is a really smart Senior Director, works incredible hours, delivers projects on time and under budget with crazy deadlines and scarce resources. She … Continued