Leading Your Leader: 5 Steps to Manage Up and Move Up

You dreaded this moment, and yet it has arrived. The leader to whom you report has launched another initiative to pursue a new client that has everyone charging down the wrong road. How do you know? You have been down that road before and what you found at the end of it was not pretty. Your manager appears bent on his objective. … Continued

The Insularity of Anger

As I watch mesmerized at the fallout from the Brexit results I can’t help thinking about the power of anger and how it insulates people from its impact.  In today’s landscape, there seems to be no shortage of anger and its omnipresence is deadening forward movement by leaders and their constituents. The “Leave” voters in England are angry at a government who … Continued

Leading Collaboration: It’s About Connecting, Not Calm

You have decided that collaboration is an important company value and critical to its culture. However, what does that mean in practice to a leader? Consider the following scene: Leader: Okay, how are we doing on the Xerxes project? Engineer, how is the programming going? Engineer: It’s going, but it would go a whole lot better if Sales hadn’t come back in … Continued

Why Good People Leave: Concerns Can Backfire on You

Here’s a description of why good people leave and the negative consequences that can follow. The Situation: Things Look Good So Far You are a year into a stretch leadership role. You feel good about your focus, you’ve set the vision, set a high bar for your team, keep pushing them to improve and have more clarity about what they are doing. … Continued

How to be more like Teflon® when it’s really not your fault.

Here’s a typical scenario: Your team is working nights under a killer deadline, with scarce resources, but still kicking butt and you deliver complex results on time. Then you send your work downstream to the next part of the organization. They are late (again), the work product is not up to standard, and the company misses a key deadline. You know what … Continued