Leaders who hold steady when others are losing their heads: Staying true to yourself during times of change

One of the most difficult challenges to deal with is ambiguity; the unknown of what might happen next. I see it constantly in the organizations and individuals that I support every day. Leaders can get thrown off relatively easily when the potential for significant change is introduced. Typical examples include: an intention to reorganize is announced a new leader will head up … Continued

Birthing a Book to Bring New Life to Leadership

Dear Friends, After two years in the making (not counting four years of thinking), I can answer the question, “WHERE is the book?” with, “The Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None is currently available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & eBooks everywhere.” I now understand what authors mean when they describe writing … Continued

The Heresy of Change: How Self-Knowledge Empowers Leaders to Move Up, or On

Is there something in the water that heralds different thinking? Over my entire career, I have listened to leaders as clients, colleagues, and friends talk about their careers, what they want from them and what struggles they face. Those all are normal attributes of executive life. In the last month, a recurrent theme has surfaced in too many conversations to ignore. Running … Continued

Developing Women Leaders – Why Should We Pay Attention?

We know organizations are currently challenged with a lack of women in leadership positions. While women make up more than half the workforce, the number of women steadily shrinks as you move to each successively higher level in the organization. With CEO’s becoming increasingly more worried about finding the key skills needed for growth, paying attention to this talent pool and your … Continued