The Psychology of Letting Go, and Admitting Others into the Decision-Making Tent

A little-known fact:  the higher you move up in an organization, the more you must let go and share power to be successful. Leaders typically get to a position of power based on their expertise and/or ability to control and drive others towards specific outcomes, without leaving too many broken and bleeding by the wayside. Ultimately though, those abilities will hamper leaders … Continued

Taking the “Micro” Out of Micromanagement

Seven Steps Toward Shifting From Micromanagement to Management On our way to trying to make new things happen, we often bump into our own self-sabotaging behaviors. In our Journey of Not Knowing programs, we call them “hooks.” Hooks are defensive behaviors that allow us to avoid the scariness of trying new ideas or behaviors. One of the most common hooks is micromanagement. … Continued

Unruly Leaders: 6 Building Blocks for Behavior Change

Mike is a great leader in so many ways. His senior leaders always rely on him to operationalize huge projects and bring them in well executed, on time, and under budget. He has tremendous drive and clarity about how to efficiently and sometimes miraculously pull things off with limited resources. He also has great vision about new ways to improve the organization … Continued

Leading Your Leader: 5 Steps to Manage Up and Move Up

You dreaded this moment, and yet it has arrived. The leader to whom you report has launched another initiative to pursue a new client that has everyone charging down the wrong road. How do you know? You have been down that road before and what you found at the end of it was not pretty. Your manager appears bent on his objective. … Continued

Versatility: Without it, We Won’t Present Our Ideas Successfully

The fear of presenting is universally recognized as one of the greatest fears people have. The fear of presenting to senior leadership can inspire sleepless nights and much anxiety with perfectionistic doing and re-doing of the slides to prepare.  An interesting fact though is most presenters don’t spend the critical time learning about and preparing for the interests and styles of those … Continued