The Insularity of Anger

As I watch mesmerized at the fallout from the Brexit results I can’t help thinking about the power of anger and how it insulates people from its impact.  In today’s landscape, there seems to be no shortage of anger and its omnipresence is deadening forward movement by leaders and their constituents. The “Leave” voters in England are angry at a government who … Continued

Leading Collaboration: It’s About Connecting, Not Calm

You have decided that collaboration is an important company value and critical to its culture. However, what does that mean in practice to a leader? Consider the following scene: Leader: Okay, how are we doing on the Xerxes project? Engineer, how is the programming going? Engineer: It’s going, but it would go a whole lot better if Sales hadn’t come back in … Continued

The Power of Empathy: What We Don’t Know Won’t Help Us

“I know I have to work for him,” complains a young executive. “He runs our company but he seems so judgmental. Whenever we talk he just looks at me levelly as if waiting for me just to go away. That’s a problem when I need him to approve the restructuring of our group.” “What do you think is going on for him?” … Continued

Leadership and the Unknown: Looking Under the Hood

Success for a leader requires embracing the unknown. Only by seeking out new ideas can leaders reach new strategic directions for their organizations. That is, after all, the job description of a leader. By their very nature, new ideas are untested. You will not know how they will turn out until you have tried them. In short, the future of your ideas … Continued

How are Mindfulness and Executive Presence Related?

It is near impossible to be in the modern world and not to have seen the barrage of articles, books, blogs, conferences and weekend retreats devoted to the topic of mindfulness. In the warp speed, hyper-connected world in which we live, focusing on anything, anything, even the food in front of us, seems to be a challenge. The multiple channels of information that … Continued