Designed to Maximize True Change

The Journey of Not Knowing is designed to maximize true change in behavior and ability in its participants. From many years of experience as executives, trainers and coaches, we have learned that having multiple mutually reinforcing activities in a leadership development program makes the difference in behavior change.

Journey is designed that way – it’s a multi-session, intensive, progressive series of individual and group activities that surface, confront, and support leaders to become aware of their executive leadership limitations, and actualize a pathway to change.

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The Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders

Can Chart a Course Where There is None – Team Conversation Starter Kit

Use the Journey of Not Knowing Book to open a conversation among your leadership team. Enjoy these complimentary discussion questions to get the conversation started. Download here.

In-House and Open Enrollment Programs
Scope and Approach

6 Month Journey Program

A. Scope.

The program includes a 360 review, 8 full days of in-session work on leadership principles, case studies, individual exercises, 1:1 coaching, learning partner work and written materials.

B. Core premise.

We focus on how an executive can successfully navigate the unknowns that characterize leadership while applying its core competencies.

C. Program Philosophy.

Research and our own experience support the strong positive impact of peers on learning and achieving success.  At the same time, we believe leadership is also a very personal journey where clarity on strengths and opportunities to grow is critical.  To support this aspect of growth we provide a high level of individual attention both in sessions and through coaching in between.

D. Learning vehicles.

We provide multiple exercises for individual developmental work and a variety of strategic tools.  Consistent with our philosophy, we combine a high level of attention to individual learning needs with the power of peer feedback in a safe, confidential environment conducive to taking the behavioral risks needed to improve your leadership game.

E. Leadership core competencies.

We tie the developmental work and tools to the core competencies of leadership: Strategic thinking, alignment, smart communication, talent management and executive presence.

F. Applicability to current work life.

Participants draw from their current work challenges and take the benefit of what they learn in the program straight back to the office for immediate application.

Stand-alone Programs and Speeches

Half-Day Program

The half-day program is an introduction to the foundational concepts with introductory skill practice and experiential learning for large group environments. This program has most often been utilized as a keynote for associations and conference events.

1-Hour Keynote

The 1-hour keynote speech outlines what the toughest job of an executive really is—while lending a compelling take on how to grapple with it successfully.

Why it’s So Effective

Customized content

  • Each program is specifically crafted to close skill gaps for participants.
  • Each participant participates in a 360° feedback instrument and receives 1:1 executive coaching on their particular development plan.
  • Each module is customized to prioritize the needs of individuals and the larger group.
  • Executive coaching throughout the program helps participants focus on their specific career and development goals.

Peer feedback and support

  • Each learning group is carefully assembled to ensure peer participants.
  • The community that becomes established enables new relationships and contacts that continue beyond the program via Journey’s special Members Only web content.
  • The participants form bonds with other leaders they would not have otherwise had, even when program participants are from the same intact teams.
  • Leaders bring their current business issues to the program sessions and get “real time” feedback and problem solving from high-level peers and facilitators.

Additional Benefits of In-House Journey Programs:

Our In-House Journey Programs provide additional benefits for executive teams in three areas  vital to organizational growth:

Team Alignment: Working on individual leadership growth while supporting that of others creates a strong bond among Journey group members within the same organization. The connection stretches across teams, departments and geographies. Through the Journey, more effective working relationships are built and sustained long after the Journey Program has ended.

Change Management: Organizational change can trigger transitions at many levels. Successful change requires smart strategy, structure and cultural alignment. Because of its focus on the real life work issues faced by its participants, the Journey program provides tools and insights to support successful organizational change.

Leadership Culture: Organizational growth happens when strategies and culture align. As part of its curriculum, the Journey in-house program helps its participants to clarify and implement a vision and set of values for their organization.

Journey Options at a Glance

Enrolling in The Journey

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