The Journey of Not Knowing Book available October 2016

A Transformational Leadership Program

Leadership is not like any other job. It asks you to tap deep into your core, push into uncharted territory and find the best of you. It asks you to think bigger, better, scarier. To lead, you have to see without varnish, engage and move others forward. It can be very exciting. It’s also not easy.

Sometimes you need help on that road to discovering yourself and creating the map. The Journey of Not Knowing offers that help. It is an executive development program that combines comprehensive classroom experience with individual coaching, assessment and development work in the context of a peer based community. The program focuses on learning to navigate the unknown to move organizations into the future and applying the critical core competencies of leadership to get there.

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Who Should Take the Journey?

The program is designed for

Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down.

- Ray Bradbury

  • People who currently lead organizations
  • High potential leaders
  • Teams of leaders within an organization
  • Organizations looking for executive team alignment

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